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Payment Policy.


For your convenience, Seren collection offers the following payment options.



First option-Advance payment by bank transfer.


A bank transfer is a convenient way for paying for your purchases,as well as the fastest way to receive the goods to the desired destination.


This is the accepted method of payment for most online diamond businesses.


Once your full payment has been received in our account, your purchase is processed.


Seren Collection make every effort to send the goods at the same day of the payment reception.



Second Option-Payment after inspection.


Seren Collection give the possibility to our customer around the world to view the goods and impressed before purchase.                                              


Inspection through delivery companies.


Inspection of the goods at the offices of the shipping companies,front of the representatives of the shipping companies.


This service is provided by the following companies-Malca Amit, and Brinks, these delivery companies have branches all over the world.


After examination of the diamond by the client, and the diamonds were found satisfaction, then we can proceed to purchase.



Payment by bank transfer only.


Once your full payment has been received in our account,Seren Collection give immediate notice to the Shipping Company


to release the goods to the customer.



Important to note, this service fee from the shipping company.


This service fee will be charged according the value of goods.


Before each shipment will be happy to check with the shipping companies, shipping costs back and forth, and inspection fee.


Seren Collection update the customer regarding all shipping expenses.


Inspection expenses, paid by Seren Collection in the case of purchase only (Transaction over US $ 20,000)


Seren Collection offers free international shipping worldwide.(In the case of purchase only)



Please feel free to contact us for any further information or assistance.



We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Seren Collection Ltd.


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